Refund Policy / Money Back Guarantee


If you purchased a 3D model and found some error in the renders or description, we’ll try to fix the problem as soon as possible. If we cannot correct the error, we will cancel your order and you will get your money back within 72  hours from downloading the item. After your order has been processed, you will be able to download the purchased item on the Downloads page.


When we do refund:


    if a 3d model doesn’t correspond to the description

    if a 3d model doesn’t correspond to the renders

    if a 3d model doesn’t correspond to the products information (such as textured, materials, animated, rigged, polygons and vertices count etc.)

    if a 3d model was damaged

    if a 3d model has missed textures

if you send a request for refund before you download a purchased 3d model

If the content of the archive does not correspond to the content declared on the site


When we do NOT do refund:


    if a 3d model doesn’t contain additional formats

    if the conversion is impossible to the requested format

    if you are purchasing a file for conversion

    if you just change your mind

    if you bought an item by mistake

    if you don’t want it after you’ve downloaded it

    the item did not meet your expectations


Please note that this guarantee is NOT a Try Before You Buy offer! Therefore, if you are unsure about a certain product or need more information, specs, or renders please contact us before making a purchase!


Note: If a refund is granted, you are legally bound to destroy all copies of the purchased files. We require that you sign a binding document stating that you no longer have the rights to use or keep any of the purchased files.


Resolving disputes.You agree that the Administration of the site is considering your issue based on the information available and reserves the right to make a final desicion on the refund of funds.

Thank you.